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Keep The Spark Alive For Long Distance Relationships With High Tech Interactive Sex Toys

January 20, 2020 2 min read

long distance relationship interactive sex toys kiiroo onyx2 pearl2

Long distance relationships (LDR) are mostly a bumpy roller coaster ride for many couples. With the evolution of technology, smart interactive sex toys are here to stay and make your roller coaster ride a little smoother. Intimacy being key, smart toys sync with each other over the internet to give real-time shared sensations, bridging the gap when you are miles apart. 

long distance relationship interactive sex toys

Advances in technology have outdone itself and have impacted sex toys more than you can imagine. With distance being a factor for many couples, teledildonics is born! What are teledildonics? Teledidonics is the term used to describe the field of interactive sex toys that can be connected and used on a global scale over the internet. Advancement in technology just keeps getting better. From being able to pair your app controlled toys with your phone or another device via Bluetooth to now, on a higher level, haptic technology that records and sends stimulation to your partner's toy, mimicking a sexy time together, wherever you are.

long distance relationship interactive sex toys kiiroo onyx2 pearl2

Kiiroo being the world's biggest long distance sex toys company has several quality interactive toys that can send your partner and you in your merry loving way despite the long distance. Kiiroo has a couple bundle set containing the luxurious Pearl2 G spot vibrator and the Onyx2 masturbator. While one might look like a traditional vibrator and the other like your standard masturbator, both smart toys with various interactive functions will blow your mind off like no other. You are not just limited to the Pearl2 and Onyx2, either. The technology would work with two of the same toys or with a pairing of any two Kiiroo smart toys using the FeelConnect app.

long distance relationship interactive sex toys kiiroo onyx2 pearl2

The couple bundle set - Pearl2 G-spot vibrator and the Onyx2 masturbator are connected via Kiiroo's FeelConnect app available in both Andriod and iOS using Bluetooth or WiFi. The Onxy2 masturbator contains a realistic Fleshlight sleeve and 10 contracting rings to produce an impressive stroking sensation that can be controlled by the touch-sensitive pad, while the Pearl2 vibrator has a strong motor that will actually increase intensity when during penetration.

long distance relationship interactive sex toys kiiroo onyx2 pearl2

You can control your partner's toy remotely from anywhere across the globe, but the app also uses interactive media as a controller. For example, the interactive vibrator will respond to audio erotica or adult videos when not in manual mode. Additionally, the Pearl2 G Spot vibrator and Onyx2 masturbator can work in sync with 3D gaming or VR content for a more immersive experience. Kiiroo's smart toys can even interact with cam models, creating a more elevated and realistic virtual experience.

Each toy in the couple set can be enjoyed on its own, but together, they are a great way for couples to play, especially those in an LDR (Long Distance Relationship). No distance is too far, experience that physical touch from afar. Spice it up, keep the spark alive and stay close like never before!

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