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The Female Orgasm: How to Get From Here to There

October 03, 2019 2 min read

The Female Orgasm: How to Get From Here to There

There is feeling good, and then there is straight pleasure. You have not experienced the latter as a woman until you have indulged in what is known as the female orgasm.

What is an orgasm?

An orgasm is, by definition, a climax of sexual excitement that culminates with your body moving uncontrollably while feeling an extreme sense of calmness and oneness with the atmosphere. Some women describe the orgasm as a sense of euphoria where all is right with the world and nothing can bring them down from the high of pressure released in all of the right spots.

The feeling that comes with an orgasm is so amazing that you’ll want to experience it several times over. The problem is that women do not reach a sexual climax that easy. Research shows that less than 20 percent of women reach an orgasm state when having intercourse with a partner. Can you imagine how impossible it may seem to get “there” when you're engaging in a bit of solo pleasure?

How to reach the height of sexual pleasure as a woman?

Getting to the climax of sexual experience may seem impossible. There are actually things that you can do, however, to ensure that practically every pleasurable session is a home run.

First, you should invest in a good vibrator. The best massagers add just enough pressure to make your toes curl but not so much tension that you are in pain.

Another thing to do for an orgasm is to fantasize. Do not be afraid to let your imagination run wild, and do not suppress any thoughts that come to mind.

Remember that your brain works alongside the other parts of your body. If you start thinking of a dominant while pleasuring yourself, then such imagery is probably what gets you hot and happy.

One of the best ways to miss out on the greatest orgasm of your life is to have distractions that interrupt your thought process. When it comes to sex, it’s either all or nothing. Turn off the television, silence your smartphone, dim the lights, and focus on the mission at hand. You can always return to your life after having 20 minutes of pure bliss. The universe will forgive you for things neglected and your body will thank you for fulfilling its animalistic desires.

Everyone deserves an orgasm

You are truly missing out on all that there is to sex if you don’t experience an orgasm. Do not be afraid to go all the way during your moments of pleasure. Set the atmosphere, relax, and give your body what it desires most.

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